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The Leadership Nexus™ is a transformational approach to leadership that examines how Thought Time (focus) is related to Action Time (priorities).

From entry-level managers and high-level executives to teams, The Leadership Nexus™ is an invaluable tool designed to help reshape your approach to leadership.

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Helping You Become A Better Leader Today – When Valuable Leadership Is Needed More Than Ever!

With the COVID pandemic fundamentally changing how work is done, the need for healthy, effective leadership in today’s workplace is higher than ever. This process shift means leaders must provide wisdom, mentoring, and guidance while seeking it out for themselves.

True leaders inspire and lead to a place that makes all the stress and hard work worthwhile. They give the work experience some meaning. This is what led to the development of The Leadership Nexus™ – a program designed to help leaders at all levels to re-align themselves to ensure they are focused on the right work at the right time.

Featuring The Leadership Nexus™ Assessment, this new approach to leadership development recognizes that an effective combination of thought and action is necessary for success.

The Leadership Nexus™ Assessment analyzes how leaders or their teams perceive “thought” and “action time” expenditures when the assessment was taken. As such, it provides a snapshot of the current level of thought and action and where that falls within the responsibilities of the person in a particular position.

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“The Leadership Nexus workshop helped me think about where I am spending action and thought time today and where I need to be spending time in order to be successful in my role. It helped me identify specific examples of activities I can stop and start doing and become a better leader.”

Leadership Nexus Program Participant

Leadership Nexus Assessment

The Leadership Nexus™ is a unique way of examining the foundational elements of leadership: thought and action. Each of these elements is essential, but they are distinctly different.

Thought Time

  • Understanding the areas of attention that are most important to success.
  • Making effective decisions out of those thoughts.

Action Time

  • Becoming more conscious about where we spend our time.
  • Learning how our actions reflect our true priorities.

“This experience gave me a very honest assessment of where I am functioning as a leader. This workshop also gave me tools (and feedback) of what, specifically, I need to do to transition from working as a Transactional Leader to functioning as a Tactical/Strategic Leader.”

Leadership Nexus Program Participant

Leadership Nexus For Individuals

Measure where you are and how it relates to your current position, and learn what skills you may need to grow into different leadership roles.

Through The Leadership Nexus™ Assessment , you will:

  • Measure how much time and energy you are currently spending on each individual set of leadership skills.
  • See what the leadership demands are at each level of organizational leadership, identify. the corresponding leadership skills necessary for each level, and learn what you can do to strengthen your leadership skills in regards to thought time and action.

“Spot-on! This assessment was an accurate representation of where I am functioning on the leadership continuum. I know that there are activities that I need to “dial back” and other activities that I need to “turn up.” This material was presented in a very logical and straightforward format.”

Leadership Nexus Program Participant

Leadership Nexus For Teams
  • Does everyone on your team seem busy but not as effective as they need to be?
  • Are your high-level leaders spending more time putting out fires that other team members should handle?
  • Are staff-level workers wanting to grow but not engaged in the solutions?

Use The Leadership Nexus™  to realign your team to function at the highest levels of their expertise. It is also an excellent tool for establishing benchmarks and goals for all leaders, regardless of their position.

The Leadership Nexus™  for teams includes an assessment for each team leader along with a team leader composite that quickly and effectively identifies the general leadership position of the group.

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Includes a composite
Leadership Nexus score

Leadership Nexus Chart

I would recommend The Leadership Nexus to other groups especially new teams or newly structured teams. It is a great way to establish clarity on roles with the team and how the team works together to accomplish goals.

Leadership Nexus Program Participant

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