The Leadership Nexusis a practical approach to leadership that examines how thought time is related to action. From entry-level managers to high-level executives, The Leadership Nexus helps leaders of all types function at their highest levels of expertise and ensures that work is getting done at the right level, by the right people, at the right time.

Use The Leadership Nexus as the starting point for your individual leadership development.

Each day we are presented with multiple opportunities for action. Many of these opportunities are small, some are larger, and a few are truly critical. Recognizing these opportunities and acting on them in appropriate, helpful ways is what makes a leader great.

We call these Leadership Moments.

Leadership Moments are decision points, moments in the course of a day when you have the opportunity to decide to lead or not. They are times when you can choose to dive back into what has always worked for you, or struggle to try something different.

Leadership Moments Have Three Characteristics

  1. They most effectively help resolve an immediate situation.
  2. They assist the team members in their personal and professional growth.
  3. They advance the needs of the team and the organization.
Leadership Nexus Graphic

Through The Leadership Nexus™, You Will:

  • Learn to understand what type of leadership you bring to your job.
  • Discover what types of leaders you work with, so you can better understand their capabilities.
  • See what Leadership Moments trigger a conscious set of thoughts that lead to a deliberate set of actions for yourself and those around you.
  • Get more comfortable with an improved ability to act out of a higher level of leadership, making it easier to think and act as the leader you are.

The Leadership Nexus™ Looks at the Alignment of Thought Time & Action Time

Why is this important? So what if my thoughts are ahead of my actions?
Why does it matter if my actions are ahead of my thoughts?

Thought Time

Thought Time, the measure of the time spent thinking about things during the workday, reflects a leader’s focus. Realize it or not, this focus indicates an internal set of priorities.

Action Time

Action Time is much the same. What an individual acts on reflects their priorities.Actions speak louder than words is both real and true. What a leader spends time on matters.

The most effective leaders want to be thinking about the things that are most relevant to the role they play.