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The Leadership Nexus Podcast features conversations with regular people and leaders from all levels of the professional spectrum. Your host, Tom Desch, the author and creator of The Leadership Nexus™, delves into what leadership looks like, what is important and what isn’t, and how leaders at different levels can grow and develop within the context of their careers.

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Introduction Podcast

Start here to learn what Conversations On Leadership is all about and what you can expect in future episodes.

4 min

Conversations On Leadership: Interview With Katie Simpkins

Katie Simpkins is the owner of several Hallmark® card shops in the greater Dayton, Ohio area. She discusses the role of leadership in her businesses.

30 min.

Conversations On Leadership: Interview with Maggie Desch

A conversation with Maggie Desch, a long-time educator, in which we discuss the leadership necessary for creating successful learning environments and the critical role of leadership in education.

41 min

Conversations On Leadership: Interview with Bill Louma

A conversation with Bill Luoma, the North America Director, Logistics & Procurement at Fleet Complete headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

41 min

Conversations On Leadership: Interview with Craig Whipple

A conversation with Craig Whipple, the former director of Vermont State Parks. i

41 min

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